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Leaders of Zhengzhou City in Henan Province and the key work observation group of Gongyi City visited the Henan New Material Project Construction

Time of issue::2020-04-14 09:40

On the afternoon of October 10, 2019, Yuan Sanjun, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Congress, Secretary of the Gongyi Municipal Party Committee, Yuan Juping, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and the four groups led more than 100 people in the key work observation group of Gongyi City to Henan Biaobing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. The company observed the construction of the project on the spot.




Henan Biaobing New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a key investment promotion project implemented by Gongyi Industrial Cluster District around the industrial extension. It is invested and built by An Logo and Bingwulian Technology Group. After the project is completed, it will have a profound impact on the industrial extension of Gongyi Industrial Cluster District.
Henan Biaobing New Material Technology Co., Ltd.'s main business is coating, processing, R & D and production of food packaging aluminum. There is one coating line and slitting line. The coating line has the widest, fastest and latest three characteristics. Sold to home and abroad.
Mr. Li Zhengyuan, President of Anhui Biaobing IOT Technology Group, introduced the basic situation of the group to the delegation, and introduced the development of the international patented product SOE super cover project on the basis of the coating material of the easy pull ring. Progress and production line layout in the next stage.
In the end, Mr. Zhou Kan, vice president of Ann Wufen Technology Group, introduced the strategic layout and planning of the group to the guests of the viewing group, and built the "easy cover material coating center platform" and "China SOE super cover processing center" built around the future The construction of the three major platforms "Platform" and "One-stop Shared Supply Platform for Industrial Spare Parts" was introduced to the visitors. The "three major platforms" will be open-minded, operate with Internet + thinking, and share industry resources. At the same time, the three major platforms will help Gongyi Industrial Cluster to expand and upgrade around the industry.
Before the end of the inspection, the leaders had a detailed understanding of the company's project progress, project quality control, construction schedule and other aspects, and exchanged opinions with the company's president and vice president. At the same time, he also hoped that the Henan model will continue to improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise and enhance the industry Status has become a rising star and a mainstay in promoting regional economic development.
The leadership's visit and caring encouraged all modelling colleagues, strengthened the belief that Henan modelling will become stronger and bigger, and injected fresh blood into Gongyi's economic development, striving to give back to the government's support and encouragement with more outstanding performance.


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