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Anhui Biopin IOT Group is a core, professional and dedicated R & D, production and marketing team. It has established a material R & D center, an operation
center and a joint production center. It covers the global supply of main and auxiliary materials in the field of metal packaging can lids, new energy vehicles.
Supply chain service enterprise of power battery aluminum alloy packaging material supply, China super cover processing center, global spare parts supply and platform service . 2008,Biopin Invested;2012,Master the roll coating technology of end stock and tab stock, use the import of cover ring materials to turn to the domestic manufacturing industry, and focus on the development and production of aluminum alloy materials for food packaging cans ;2017,Determined a group development strategy, committed to the global research and development of new materials, new technologies, and new manufacturing in the field of can packaging, and actively combined upstream and downstream industrial resources to promote the processing and sales of aluminum alloy materials for can lids in China, as well as tinplate, organic coatings, inks, The comprehensive application and development of metal packaging fields such as the supply of auxiliary materials for can making owners such as packaging bags and stretch films, the processing and supply of aluminum alloy strips and foils in the new energy vehicle power battery industry, and the development of comprehensive application solutions for the supply chain around the industry Construction and maintenance of ecological services such as operation and maintenance with shared platforms;2018,The overall business achieved annual sales of nearly 1.5 billion yuan. 

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Plaza,Longchuan Rd,Baohe District,Hefei,23000,Anhui,


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