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Thick Chinese Love | Everything you do n’t know about Qixi is here

Time of issue::2020-04-14 09:34
The annual Qixi Festival is approaching. This great festival, which was eagerly awaited by thousands of women in ancient times, sharpened the needles, and pulled the needles to show the best female red, is given a different meaning today-Chinese Valentine's Day.
Speaking of Tanabata's "love, hatred, and hatred", the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl bears the brunt of the mind. The love story adds a touch of sweet romance to this festival. On May 20, 2006, the Tanabata Festival was included in the first batch of the State Council of the People's Republic of China National intangible cultural heritage list.
In order to guide the small friends of the modelers to correctly recognize the tradition, respect the tradition, inherit the tradition, and promote the tradition, we conducted a different Qixi Cultural Exam.
Exam content is comprehensive and detailed
Overview of Qixi's past and present life from multiple angles
Covers humanities, history, culture, astronomy and other fields
Throughout the past and present
After many years without entering the examination room
Come to "Kang Kang" the state of the exam room where our model students are fighting
The last independent big question, the question type is flexible
Most afraid of the sudden quietness of the examination room
Although many students go through a series of psychological activities
Suspicious of the intention of the person who made the question-once doubted himself-twice fell into despair-looked at the tears in a pen
But the final answer is still literary style, passionate writing, and brilliant
The small partners who did not win the awards also prepared Qixi small gifts for everyone
Little gifts also contain big blessings
Hand Cream-I wish you and your loved one hand in hand
Chocolate —— I chose red and blue chocolates, since the ancient red and blue CP, Do you love me? I hope everyone gets an affirmative answer
Fujiya —— You are my only choice, I wish you all a sweet life
Yakult-a lot of happiness
Mimi shrimp strips-classic snacks as a child, I hope everyone can get full of youthful vitality and motivation in the model, worry-free life and happy work
Through this test, I hope that the small partners of the model soldiers will reexamine the significance of traditional culture, consciously promote the excellent culture and traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, enhance the national self-confidence and pride, and be the inheritor of the excellent traditional Chinese culture.
Attach the real questions of the exam papers, interested partners can come try try! !


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