Aluminum galvanized for home appliance

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  • Mill finish aluminum for refrigerator evaporators 

    Mill finish aluminum, like alloy 1050&1060 are widely used for refrigerator evaporators in Home Appliance field. Due to the highly purity of the aluminum composition, which has the good electrical conductivity and good temperature conductivity.



    Embossed anodized aluminum sheet/coil for chest freezer

    Embossed anodized aluminum sheets/coils are widely used in Home Appliance field. Such as for chest freezer and commercial refrigerator. Now, we have aluminum alloy 1050/1060/3015 based metal to anodize.



    Pre-painted white color aluminum for refrigerator

    Pre-painted white color alumium mainly used for cabinet and showcase in supermarket and shopping mall. Especially for Coca-cola and Pepsi brand. In humid and rainy environment region, the pre-painted aluminum will have a better corrosion resistance than anodized aluminum.



    Pre-painted embossed steel coil for refrigerators’side panel

    PCM products (plate coated with paint), mainly refers to a kind of composite steel plate that the surface is coated with the organic paint. It not only has the strength of steel plate and good processability, but also has the good corrosion resistance and flexibility. PCM products are widely used for side panel of refrigerator. Usually, the raw material is DX 51D with topside coating thickness 20μ and backside coating thickness 6 μ. Embossing thickness is 50μ.



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