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White Claw seltzer owner’s $250m Arizona canning facility expected to start operations

Time of issue::2020-07-16 16:15

The second of two new production sites being built by leading US seltzer brand White Claw owner, Mark Anthony Brands, in Glendale, Arizona, is expected to come on-stream later this year.

Completion was originally scheduled for June but construction has inevitably been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, although this has not been confirmed by the company. Mark Anthony Brands has been contacted by The Canmaker for comment.

The new US$250 million, 85,100sqm facility at Glendale will employ 200 full-time workers. It follows the completion of the first plant in Hillside, New Jersey, which is already said to be making products. It brings the total investment at both plants to $385m.

The Glendale plant will make the company’s Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Cayman Jack Cocktails, as well as White Claw.

Mark Anthony Brands has also reportedly added a dedicated high-speed canning line to Cold Spring Brewing’s contract brewing and co-packing facility in Cold Spring, Minnesota.

Last year, White Claw sales achieved sales of more than $1.5 billion, in a total hard seltzer category worth around $2.5bn.

Once both facilities are on stream, about half of Mark Anthony Brands’ volume will be produced in-house.


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