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PPG’s non-BPA coating selected for herbal tea cans in China

Time of issue::2020-07-22 17:10

One of China’s most popular drinks is now being packed in cans with non-BPA internal coatings.

Jia Duo Bao herbal tea has been sold in cans for many years but its producer wanted the cans to be free of the BPA associated with epoxy phenolic coatings, as many others have in world markets over the past decade.

Jia Duo Bao (JDB) Group worked with domestic canmakers and US-based coatings specialist PPG, which specified its Innovel coating, a non-BPA product. The coating, for both the inside of the can and the easy-open ends, was tested for regulatory compliance at China’s food contact materials testing facility at Changzhou and shown to meet both domestic and international packaging standards for food contact materials, thereby opening up the product’s export potential.

“JDB’s growth goal is to maintain traditions while continuously innovating,” said Zhenguo Pang, JDB’s general manager of quality management. “The partnership with PPG was an important step in upgrading our packaging with non-BPA coatings to meet international standards and better serve both domestic and overseas consumers.”

As well as being non-BPA, PPG Innovel interior spray coatings and end coatings are claimed to provide flavour-neutral properties, effective sterilisation resistance and good flexibility when used on aluminium beverage cans at various weight specifications.

“Non-BPA coatings are used extensively in Europe and the Americas, and PPG’s non-BPA coatings meet the most demanding regulations in these regions,” said Jens Brackebusch, PPG general manager, Asia Pacific. “PPG is committed to helping ensure the JDB Group, which is a pioneer in the use of non-BPA coatings in China, has a smooth transition in implementing the coatings.”

PPG has provided a number of metal packaging coatings systems to the JDB Group since 2003 for a variety of drinks and herbal tea.


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